Friday, January 9, 2009


Tori got a mini trench coat. Holy cow, look at all the movies Santa left!! Waahoo!

Elden got an Itunes stereo! Tim got an awesome long board! Dan and I must not have been as good as the kids this year cuz all we got was our stockings. Hmmm, gonna have to work on that.

Shei's gifts from Santa.....tons of Tinkerbell! Daniel got a bow and arrows!

Dan and Aminda

I love these pictures. I have the first one in a frame on my mantle! Dan loves his little sister so much.

Goofy group pictures

They just couldn't be funny enough!

look at all those silly faces!

They all have so much fun together!

Some very typical activities......

Tori and Shei usually hang out, Tim and Daniel almost always wrestle, rough house or play fight, and Elden is on his phone texting. And Dan loves to tickle, torture or rough house with the boys!

Christmas eve in Evanston

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Picture perfect!

I love this house! And the snow coming down makes is even more perfect! I did the first one without a flash and Dan said to take one with the flash but it took away all the snowflakes. I just love this old house.

One last picture together before headin home

Look at that beautiful Christmas eve snow!!

A moment of silliness!

Everyone is starting to trickle in.....slowly

Out cold!!!

We were sitting here waiting for everyone to come to the lodge and Shei fell asleep! She was so tired from all the hard work! Keeping your body upright on those dang skiis can be tricky!