Friday, January 9, 2009


Tori got a mini trench coat. Holy cow, look at all the movies Santa left!! Waahoo!

Elden got an Itunes stereo! Tim got an awesome long board! Dan and I must not have been as good as the kids this year cuz all we got was our stockings. Hmmm, gonna have to work on that.

Shei's gifts from Santa.....tons of Tinkerbell! Daniel got a bow and arrows!

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Print♥cess Photography said...


I wasn't sure how to reach ya as I don't have your email. I had Dan's at one point but don't remember what it is. BUT, thought you might want to follow this blogspot as it has lots of pictures of Shei on it. We finally got my studio up and running. The files are large so definitely print quality if you would like to save and have any printed for family, etc.